Why DragonFlySM?

At DragonFlySM, we’re committed to creating value for our customers along with full transparency and outstanding customer support. The following are just a few reasons why DragonFlySM is the right choice for your business:

Center field - improving the bottom line through optimised field service ops

  • Our customers have access to a 360 degree view of each and every service appointment - every time.
  • Our simplified dashboard allows each user to operate from a single customer record.
  • Teams are able to collaborate and share information quickly and efficiently.
  • Full IoT connectivity with customer records. (Coming Soon)
  • Easy and secure knowledge-base access. (Coming Soon)

The right service - right on time

Why service appointment scheduling is smarter with DragonFlySM:

  • First time resolution rates are optimised through our system.
  • Users are able to harness the power of universal product codes to populate their inventory.
  • Users are able to assign jobs based on business rules.
  • Users have 100% visibility into all operations through our system.
  • Users have access to geo-location methodology in order to track, monitor and divide projects. (Coming Soon)
  • Users have access to one click optimisation of resource scheduling. (Coming Soon)

Up close and personal

At DragonFlySM, we understand that no two companies - or projects - are the same - which is why we offer comprehensive personalisation including:

  • Allowing users to create rules through their own business logic.
  • Giving users access to a shared knowledge base to allow for more intelligent collaboration.
  • Allowing users to integrate data from multiple systems.
  • Tracking of key efficiencies as well as productivity metrics for a more comprehensive view.
  • Giving users access to key insights and analytics to allow them to make significant improvements in real time.
  • Our aim will always be to empower users to improve efficiencies, optimise their offerings and nail their bottom line through intelligent and collaborative technology.
  • The customer is at the heart of everything we do - why choose DragonFlySM? It’s all about you!