Dragonfy Roles

Our services are the product of a number of roles which work together for outstanding results. The following is a guide to the different roles and the part they play:

Service Provider

The Service Provider is responsible for empowering the vendor to manage and coordinate inventory, technicians and management of ticket workflow. This complex role requires a varied skill set which includes:

  • Proficiency in tracking product inventory and services and presenting the findings to customers in a clear and easy to understand manner via a service portfolio.
  • Proficiency in onboarding and upgrading technicians for evolution to Service Coordinator.
  • Experience in tracking transactions via Quickbooks via API integration.
  • Digital marketing and promotion skills.
  • Recruitment and resourcing skills.

Service Coordinator

A pivotal role, the Service Coordinator facilitates the management of a service flow by an individual. The Service Coordinator acts as a liaison with the customer in order to move service tickets through the workflow. Key skills include:

  • Communication skills for liaison between customers and technicians.
  • Invoicing.
  • The ability to coordinate optimised workflows for efficient management of tickets.
  • A knowledge of on-site payment methods and management.


The glue that holds the workflow together, the technician provides efficient services to multiple service providers. In addition to technical skills, the technician requires:

  • Multi-tasking abilities which allow the technician to work with multiple service providers through a single platform.
  • Scheduling and time-keeping skills and experience with using a unified calendar.
  • The ability to accept and prioritise jobs from multiple employers.
  • The ability to manage 1099 information for transfer to service providers. (Coming Soon)
  • A proactive methodology in finding new jobs through the service provider and technician marketplaces.


This high value role is a central hub which allows for connectivity to a service provider and facilitates purchasing services. When the customer links to multiple service providers, their services are automatically integrated into a customer service catalog. The key elements of the customer role include:

  • Ticket request management process through an online portal
  • Connectivity to chosen service providers.
  • Automatic integration with connected service provider portfolios.
  • Access to service provider searches by rating via the marketplace.
  • Access to status tracking of requests from initial request through to completion.