Our Philosophy

At DragonFlySM, our philosophy is simple - providing big efficiency to small and medium sized businesses. Transparent and affordable, DragonFlySM delivers Enterprise level efficiency without the eye watering price tag (around $1MM) of other implementation systems.

No more hovering between great service and great price.

We know that request management services aren’t new and that systems are available on a number of platforms, however, these are company-specific which means that your business has to adapt to the system rather than the other way round. At DragonFlySM, we’re not reinventing the wheel - we’re just making it turn faster by making it more accessible and more affordable for smaller businesses.

Our platform allows you to get your hands on a system which works with your framework and best practices, giving you the information you need, when you need it - and at the right price.

For the first time, our Service Management platform offers a new way of engaging with your customers and your service providers through an enterprise ready service management platform combined with a customer marketplace.

DragonFlySM - Features

We’ve spent a significant amount of time on making sure that all of our features are designed to enhance the user experience and help our customers to get the job done quickly and easily, wherever they may be. Our perfectly formed portfolio of features includes:


Being able to efficiently schedule and manage online bookings on the go is of vital importance to your business, and our scheduling app allows you to do just that and send updates to your employees and contractors.

Quickbooks Integration

Our Services feature offers your customers a menu directly from your system for a seamless and simple to use experience that makes it easy for your customers to purchase your products and services.

Workflow Tracking

This important feature links your service request to your customer and service coordinator to allow the customer to bid, pay for service and sign off the job in just a couple of clicks.

Contact Workflow

Similar to the above, this feature allows for a request to go through the system even when unlinked.

Technician Search

Quickly and easily search for technicians within your network with this essential feature in your technician toolbox.

Technician Hiring

With just a couple of clickety clicks, a service provider can add a new technician to their active list and move them through to the onboarding feature.

Technician Onboarding

Take the stress out of onboarding new technicians with this handy feature - which can then be connected to Quickbooks for added convenience.

Customer Payments

Pretty important for most businesses, this feature allows customers to easily pay for services by check or credit card and can be integrated with Quickbooks. This is also linked to our ‘Change Invoice Date’ feature to allow for added flexibility when invoicing.

Stripe Credit Card Integration

As well as Quickbooks, you can quickly and simply integrate with Stripe for added flexibility.

Customer Sign Off

As the name suggests, this clever little feature allows customers to sign off and close a project once finished - or to request a reschedule.

Bid Creation

Take the fuss out of creating and sending bids with this handy feature which will even automagically add the tax for you for total convenience.


This feature gives you your very own dashboard from which you can gain insights and analytics on revenue and services to get a better understanding of how your business is working.

Customer Satisfaction Survey

As a service provider, customer satisfaction is everything and this feature helps you to gain access to customer feedback in order to improve your offerings.


This feature lets you bring technicians onto your list and to then rate their performance - giving you the full story when choosing a technician for a project.