The Ultimate Guide To Enterprise Field Service Management Software

The Ultimate Guide To Enterprise Field Service Management Software


For you to be on this page indicates that you are likely to own or work with a field service company. This is a company that relies on its employees to render services to customers either in their homes, offices, or other locations. Over the years, the field service industry has evolved so much to the point of using management software to make work easier.

In this guide, we shall give you a clear understanding of what field service management software is and how it can positively impact your business. At the end of the article, you will see where to find the best management software provider to meet your business needs.


What Is Field Service Management Software?

To make it clearer, it is pertinent that we first define what field service is. Field services are jobs performed outside the confinement of the business premise or office. For instance, if you contact a company to come to do some plumbing work in your home, that is field service. The employees or contractors that come to fix the item are called field agents.

Now, field service management software is used to manage tasks in the field for optimum delivery. This software is also used for back-end office activities to render support to the field workers. Management software helps businesses to manage work orders, leads, dispatching, scheduling, customers, employees, and payment.

It used to be that field service companies depended on manual paperwork to handle all these processes. The outcome was that it negatively affected work order management, which led to poor service delivery and low revenue. However, with the development of the management software, small-to-medium enterprises now enjoy the luxury of top-notch work order management both on the field and in the office.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Field Service Management Software?

Are there benefits to enjoy if your company decides to use the field service management software? See the list below for what you stand to enjoy when you use management software.


  • Field service management system saves time

A standard field service management software makes it possible to automate the majority of the back-office duties such as invoicing, scheduling, dispatching, and the likes. Doing all these manually on paper will take a lot of time. But a management software will automate the whole process based on your parameters.

  • It helps your business to grow

The major reason for technology is to make life easier for us and at the same time boost efficiency. With this field management solution, you spend less time worrying about coordinating and executing tasks and more time on how to develop your business. Some field service companies are having hard times monitoring employees on the field due to a lack of manpower (supervisors). This could affect the quality of work delivered by the field workers and in turn affect the potential revenue of the company. This problem can be solved with good field management software.

  • It reduces cost

Every company desires to try to reduce operational costs without affecting day-to-day business activities. This is exactly what you get when you engage management software for most of your operations. With this management solution, you will be able to reduce costs in areas like logistics and overhead. Missed opportunities are another big concern for SMBs because it is recorded as a loss to the company. However, the management software can put an end to missed opportunities.

  • Helps to optimize service delivery rate

For your company to have a high customer retention rate, field employees need to deliver exceptional services. These services span beyond just doing the job and leaving the environment. Great services include prompt scheduling of jobs, being punctual to the work environment, providing regular updates to customers, and delivering accurate estimates. Also, offering payment methods that are convenient for customers makes it more likely for them (customers) to subscribe to your services. You can achieve all of this by using field service management software.

  • Helps you to stay organized all the time

Truth be told, running a service-based company comes with a lot of noise and running around. If you are not organized, you will end up spending your time jotting down a bunch of craps on papers without achieving anything meaningful. With software, you can organize all your data into a simplified system for easy execution.


What Not To Expect From Field Service Management Software

There is no doubt about the fact that management software has tons of benefits. However, this software won’t do everything for your business. Below are things not to expect from field service management software.

  • It won’t take care of your marketing

Field service management software is not marketing software that brings in new customers for you. Some companies get all wrong when they subscribe to this software. Instead, it is a system that makes workflow seamless and exciting.

  • It won’t replace your employees

Human resources are still very much needed in the service industry and can never be replaced by management software. The software can only make the process easy for employees and boost service delivery rate and performance. 

  • It is not a sales management tool

Field service management software should never be taken for customer relationship management (CRM). While the former focuses on the service side of your business, the latter focuses on sales management. Therefore, a field service management system is not meant to boost the sales process of your business.


Who Is The Best Management-Software Provider For Your Business?

There are different tech companies that focus on delivering suitable field service management software for your business. However, not all of them can meet your expectations. With DragonFlySM, you can rest assured of getting the best when it comes to automating the work process in your company.

What makes DragonFlySM one of the best in the marketplace? We deliver intelligent software that is easy to implement and that will be highly compatible with your business. Our flexible and efficient services make most SMBs trust and work with us.

A field service company cannot ignore field service management software it wants to grow and develop quickly. Get in touch with us today to get answers to all your questions.

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