The Biggest Problems With Field Service Management, And How You Can Fix It

The Biggest Problems With Field Service Management, And How You Can Fix It

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For service-based companies, field service plays a major role in the growth and development of the organization. In this present age, having employees leaving the conventional office settings and being on the field to deliver services is on the increase.

However, as technological evolution is taking place, field service management is developing new strategies to meet the growing needs of customers. Now, companies are looking for ways to automate and optimize their field service to deliver exceptional services to customers and also make tasks easier for field agents to execute.

While it sounds very interesting to optimize field services, there are a bunch of challenges that come with it. In this write-up, we shall be looking at some of the challenges in field service management and how to solve them. For a clearer picture, let’s understand what field service management actually is before looking at some of the challenges.


What is field service management?


The phrase, field service, simply means leaving the confinement of an organization to deliver services to customers. Typically, utility companies are prime when it comes to delivering field services to customers. For example, if you have an item to fix or repair in your home and you put a call through to a company in charge of that service, they will likely send a person to your home to fix the item. This kind of service is known as field service, and the company in charge is known as a utility or service-based company. Managing these field employees to ensure that they deliver exceptional services is called field service management.

Field services cuts across different works of life – it could be healthcare services, telecommunications, HVAC industry, engineering, property maintenance, etc. The ability to manage these field agents so that they can deliver the best services to clients is called field service management.

It could be challenging for a manager or supervisor to coordinate field employees to deliver a prompt and satisfactory job. Below are some of the challenges with field service management.

5 Challenges With Field Service Management And How To Fix Them


  • Communication

Communication is the prime challenge most service companies have with their customers. At one point or the other, virtually every utility company has faced this challenge. If you have an appointment with a customer and something urgent springs up, you should let your customer know immediately. It is never a good idea to leave customers in the dark. To build a very successful company, you must treat your customers with absolute respect and timely communication is one of the ways of showing that you value your customers.

  • Disorder In Work Management

The challenges of how you manage work orders come in different ways. If a service company is facing challenges in managing work orders, it will lead to disruptions within the employees in the field, thus putting the business at risk.

A disorder in work management shows that the field service management process is having challenges in different segments. When this happens, it is very likely for the team to deliver an unsatisfactory job.

To solve this challenge as a manager or supervisor, you must understand the job that needs to be executed and the different levels of execution. Typically, below are the phases involved in executing fieldwork:

  • Identifying the job to be done
  • Assigning the job to the team
  • Monitoring and completing the job
  • Inspecting to make sure the job is done properly
  • Taking a record of the complete job

A field service job is a process that needs to be followed for 100% coordination and satisfactory delivery.

  • Trying To Reduce Overhead Cost

The essence of going into business is to serve customers and also make profits. Managing overhead costs has been the challenge of many service companies and some have even closed down because of high overhead costs. Does it mean you have to employ substandard talents just to reduce the overhead cost? Definitely not.

The best way to be at the forefront of your business is to employ the best hands. Since this is the case, it technically means that you can’t cut down the cost. The best way to increase profit margin is by cutting down on new hiring and using available resources efficiently. To achieve this, you will have to go online and automate most of the processes.

There are online tools that make work easier and at the same time, help to increase ROI. These tools help to streamline operations.

  • Tracking Unproductive Time

Most small-to-medium businesses are facing the challenge of tracking employees on field service. Many of these businesses are at the mercy of their employees. This can cause scheduling problems, thereby, leading to low efficiency and revenue.

Thankfully, field service management has evolved to the point of using software to track different things. The software can track employees’ performance, give detailed job descriptions to workers, etc. With this management software, employees have no choice but to be productive, which will ultimately boost the company’s revenue.

  • Complicated Paper-Based Information Management

Businesses that are still depending on paper-based information management always face complications. Technology has gone so far and most businesses are leveraging field service management software.

If you are still dealing with a paper-based management system, then you will face numerous challenges in filing and tracking different activities. Why go through an archaic way of doing things when you can employ simple software to help automate most of the processes. There are tech companies that specialize in making field service management processes easy for service-based companies.

Final Words

It is a common thing for every business or organization to face challenges. However, finding a way around the challenges and surmounting them is the way forward. While there are dozens of challenges facing service-based or utility companies, there are also solutions to the challenges.

To put an end to most of the challenges in field service management, most companies are leveraging the power of technology. There is field service management software that makes the whole process exciting. Employ these online tools in your business and see the difference they will make.

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