8 Robust & Reliable Connecteam Alternatives 2021

8 Robust & Reliable Connecteam Alternatives 2021

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How often do you find it extremely confusing and intimidating to choose an appropriate field service management software platform for your organization? Very!

This happens when you are not aware of your needs. This also happens when you are not aware of the choices available in the market. Yes, there is Connecteam but is that it? You need to move beyond it but there is just too much technical jargon that prevents you from breaking away from the norm. There are a lot of confusing words and phrases that are difficult to wrap your head around.

  • Where Do You Begin?
  • How Do You Assess The Reviews And Testimonials Given To Those Software Platforms By Other Users?
  • How Do You Measure Their Effectiveness?
  • How Do You Figure Out Whether They Are Suitable For Your Company In The First Place Or Not?

These are a lot of complicated and difficult questions. But the answer to all of them is rather simple. The following section explains to you some of the most sought-after features of the leading field service management softwares in the market in the simplest way. There are no complicated stats. There is no technical jargon (well, maybe a little). These are just simple facts that will help you choose the right field service management platform for your business. So, let’s begin:



This software is not just perfect for large-scale organizations but small to medium field service businesses as well. It is designed to streamline and organize all your business operations. Let’s have a look at its most amazing features:

  • Online Service Ticket System 

Service ticket generation seems like a very mundane function but this is where it all begins. DragonflySM makes it very easy to keep a track of all the open, pending, and completed tasks. The interface of this software gives you the freedom to create instant tickets that can keep all your customers and technicians and service coordinators on the same page. You can also automate email updates and various other notifications to keep everyone informed about the job progress.

  • Efficient Collaboration 

When information critical to any project at hand is disseminated in a timely fashion, collaboration among all the parties becomes easy. You can keep every employee and subcontractor in the loop with regard to every job being allocated and completed. It is a great platform to maintain back-and-forth communication between every concerned party. Whether you want to know the status of a certain job or the availability of a particular technician, it is easier with DragonflySM.

  • Instant Quotes And Billing 

DragonflySM lets you create instant billing and invoices. The payment process is not going to be a burden anymore. Job quotes can be created inside the ticket itself which speeds up the entire process by multiples. 

  • Operation Scheduling 

You do not have to waste any more work hours to allow schedules for your technicians. Locating technicians that are available for any particular job makes it easier to schedule responsibilities and tasks with just a few taps of your fingers. You can say goodbye to making multiple phone calls and sending out several messages to schedule any priority task. 

  • Inventory Management 

Inventory management becomes a breeze with DragonflySM. This is one of the most time-consuming activities that you can never avoid. Once you get into them via traditional means you are bound to get your time wasted. Whatever tools or equipment, or spare parts that are required by your technicians will be notified by this platform. It helps you stock up the right items at the most appropriate time.


Salesforce Field Service

This platform is a cloud-based service that is designed to help field service businesses manage their workforce with utmost simplicity. It is a centralized platform that allows appointment scheduling, real-time visibility, work order management, and a lot more. The key features of Salesforce field service enable you to track SLA compliance even while on-site. The software also comes with personnel tracking and the following prominent features:

  • Communication

Real-time communication between customers and employees from any location.

  • Scheduling Of Tasks

Easy scheduling of tasks and automatic allocation of resources and responsibilities based on the skills, timeline, location, and availability of the technician. 

  • Analytics

Regular field service analytics that gives you the ability to manage and monitor real-time service provision along with key performance metrics.

  • Manage Work Orders

You can easily create and manage work orders and also book appointments for each one of your technicians.


Housecall Pro

Housecall Pro is a very reliable field service management application that simplifies job scheduling, keeps track of customer databases, manages technician dispatch, enables and speeds up invoicing and payments, and does a lot more. Housecall Pro comes with a lot of features such as: 

  • Scalable

It has a lot of premium tools that are affordable and easily scalable across mobile and web platforms. 

  • Seamless User Experience

It boasts of a seamless user experience that is very easy to understand. 

  • Digitize And Mobilize Your Database

Housecall Pro makes it very straightforward for your business to digitize and mobilize your database and functions.

  • Flexibility

it supports iOS and Android along with several web browsers which gives you incomparable flexibility to work on the go.

  • Actionable Insights

The dashboard is complete with business stats and actionable insights to regularly gauge your business performance.



Jobber is specifically designed for home service businesses. It ensures a very seamless and pleasant customer experience. It enables job tracking and task allotment as well. Enterprises, both large scale, and small scale prefer to use Jobber because it helps them optimize technician routes and also send out quotes and invoices through text messages. The technician can get paid on site and the entire platform can be fine-tuned to the needs of your business. Following are its primary features:

  • Easy and fast streamlining of your workflow.
  • Convert quotes into jobs with just a few clicks.
  • Schedule jobs and technician dispatch on the go.
  • Create and assign jobs within seconds.
  • Offer seamless online booking and payments to your customers.
  • Prevent cancellations and enable automated reminders for technicians.



Another very prominent alternative to Connecteam is Prohance. This is also a cloud-based solution that helps you optimize your workforce processes. It is known primarily for its real-time analytics which is indeed powerful and loaded with features. If you are looking to provide all your leaders and technicians with real-time data and analytics, Prohance is the software to choose. It has a host of features such as:

  • Regular Insights

You can empower your technicians, engineers, professionals, and subcontractors with real-time insights and information.

  • Optimal Utilization Of Resources 

You can easily transfer various tasks to underutilized resources, thereby preventing technician burnout and stress.

  • Time Management 

You can capture the amount of time being spent by every technician on each task, enabling you to create strategies for better time management.

  • Operations Management 

Regular insights also help you come up with better strategies for operations management, resource planning, and people retention.

Prohance is also known for multi-environment support, including compatibility with various operating systems, real-time visibility across organizations and members, easy and fast deployment, remote work distribution and allocation, efficient collaboration, maintenance of transparency, and a lot more.



DeskTime is also a very robust field service management software solution. If you are a manager, you must be managing a group of employees and associates. Whether it is your technicians or any freelance subcontractors, you can keep everyone in the loop and maintain the highest degree of professionalism across your organization. Let’s find out what features DeskTime offers:

  • Time Tracking 

There is a time tracking feature that starts and stops as per task allocation and completion respectively. There are no manual data entries which mean more productivity and less time wasted.

  • Document Tracking 

Uploading, sharing, and disseminating information in the form of documents, Excel sheets, and other file formats becomes easier with DeskTime.

  • Quick Invoicing 

There is also a very quick invoicing feature in there that allows the creation of precise invoices for each client. It becomes easier to know the payment status of every task and there are automated reminders for invoices overdue as well.

 There are other features of DeskTime as well that you should be aware of such as automated screenshots which enables a detailed view of the efficiency of your team members and allows you to monitor their tasks in real-time. There is an offline time tracking that helps you collect accurate data regarding the productive, unproductive, and neutral time windows that can be managed better. Also, instant custom reports help you improve the overall productivity and speed of operations of your organization. 



They say that ServiceMax is the expert’s solution. This is marketed as a value-added module and not exactly the sole software platform that you should be using. However, it has a host of features that can make your company much more productive. The service performance metrics of ServiceMax delivers 8 of the most critical metrics to help you excel in your industry. It has the following features: 

  • Instant access to key performance indicators that are critical to measuring your success.
  • Tools that help you identify potential problems with every task and technician at the same time.
  • It also helps you capture actionable insights and information.
  • Data disseminated across the organization in predetermined and easy-to-understand formats.



If you are looking for a simple and robust alternative to connecteam, you could rely on TimeCamp as well. This is one of the most efficient and lightweight field service management software solutions available to entrepreneurs. It is loaded with features and boasts of having the simplest interface and dashboard in the market today. Well, that is only for you to decide. If you are struggling to keep a track of your team’s performance and time lags, TimeCamp is perfect for you. If you are tired of spreadsheets and guesswork and feel that there should be a tool that helps you optimize the workflow of your various technicians, TimeCamp could be your rescuer. Following is a glimpse of its various features you should know about:

  • Automated Project Management

You don’t have to keep a tab on each and every aspect of every project that you have undertaken. TimeCamp is going to do that for you. It is going to optimize the workflow of your team and keep all your projects within your budget.

  • Quick And Responsive Time Tracking

The one thing that TimeCamp is known for is easy time-tracking for all the tasks performed by each and every technician. If there is any additional data to be processed and precise reports to be generated, you can count on this platform.

  • Do Away With Micromanagement

TimeCamp is ideal for you if you are looking for a tool for micromanagement of your tasks. It enables and makes it easier for your technicians to self-manage their work within the stipulated timeline. This enhances their productivity significantly.

  • Automatic Attendance Records

There is an attendance checklist that you can rely on. You don’t have to make your HR team spend hours doing the payroll. No more punch-in and punch-out cards. Period.



Your field service management business is an ambitious project. It is the true manifestation of your aspirations. You have put your blood and sweat into it. As an entrepreneur, it is your responsibility to do all you can in your power to enhance its operational efficiency. It is your responsibility to manage your time and cost in such a way that your profit margins escalate beyond your targeted numbers. In this age of automation and sky-high customer expectations, the only way to achieve all of that is to invest in the right and most appropriately designed field service management software. 

We have done our part by educating you about the many options for field service management solutions in the market in the simplest way possible. Now, the time has come for you to play your part. Are you ready to pick one for your company?

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