15 Steps To Starting Your Very Own Cleaning Business In 2022

15 Steps To Starting Your Very Own Cleaning Business In 2022

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You can certainly make a good amount of money if you enter into this industry. Yes, the cleaning industry is a lucrative sector that you might have thought of venturing into but never really had the courage to do it. But you have finally made up your mind and know for sure that you have a future in this industry. With your unmatched entrepreneurship and the will to take risks, yours could be one of the biggest cleaning companies in your city. You have to be resilient and stern at the same time. You must be committed and dedicated to establishing a name for yourself in this sector. The following blog post talks at length about starting a cleaning business from scratch. Let’s begin:


1. Create A Budget For Your Business

Creating a budget for your cleaning business is your very first responsibility. You can take out a business loan or if you have enough cash in your pocket, nothing is better than that. You will have to focus on cutting down your costs right from the beginning. It is also recommended that you open a business checking account so that your personal checking account does not interfere with your cleaning services income. Create a practical financial plan for your business and leave considerable room for diversification and expansion in the future. Make sure that all your revenues and expenses are accounted for and recorded regularly.


2. Assess Your Competition

This is a very critical rule of starting any new venture that you might have your heart set on. It is essential to assess the present market competition before you launch your business. You should be able to match up to the services being provided by the other players in the industry. You should be able to learn from their mistakes and take inspiration from the milestones that they might have achieved in this industry. Understand what they are doing differently so that you can emulate them and become an even bigger success. At the same time, you also have to tell your audience what things or aspects of your business or services make you distinct from your competitors in the market.


3. Connect With Your Potential Customer Base

Talking about getting in touch with your customers, you have to maintain clear and constant communication with them at all times. It is vital that you reach out to them and communicate with them regularly. This is the perfect and the most practical way to build a loyal customer base. You can use any of the means that are relevant and prevalent in the present time and age including social media, newsletters, emails, direct calling, and a lot more.


4. Choose Your Cleaning Business Category

You will also have to decide upon the type of cleaning business that you want to launch. Is it a commercial cleaning business or a residential cleaning business? Are you going to cater to a specific category of buildings? Are you going to prefer a certain scale of contract and would stick to that? A cleaning business can be as diverse or as specialized as you want. For example, you might choose to stay with residential cleaning for the time being and expand it to commercial buildings shortly. This is entirely your prerogative and also depends on the kind of resources available to you at a given point of time.


5. Select A Business Name And Logo

This is probably the most fun and interesting part that you have to perform. You will have to put in a considerable amount of thought in coming up with a unique company name and logo for your business. Your customers should be able to relate to your brand and identify your emblem from a distance. You will have to become a lot more creative than you usually are. The name must be interesting and at the same time easy to remember. It can be something that you genuinely like but should make sense to your customers. Do not use any dark or gloomy color schemes for your logo. Always go for something bright and beautiful that attracts the attention of your customers. Pick something green and fresh, preferably a logo that symbolizes cleanliness and hygiene.


6. Register Your Cleaning Business With The Authorities

Registering your business with the local authorities and the registrar of companies or any other local body that governs these kinds of establishments is the next step. You will also have to choose the relevant business structure after you have decided upon the company name and logo. There will be a specific plan for taxes and other formalities that you will have to decide upon as well. Whether it is a partnership or registered company, everything should be mentioned in the legal formation documents of your business. You must understand what all duties and obligations you have towards the IRS upon earning a certain amount of income at the end of every month or week.


7. Begin With The Hiring Procedures

Let the hiring processes begin! This is going to be exciting because you will be filling out the necessary positions in your company. You will also have the opportunity to rope in some of the most experienced executives and cleaning professionals in the market. Some of these may have come from your competitors which will give you an edge in the market. Put out the most attractive job offers and send out relevant newsletters across your network. Establish connections with your peers in the industry and ask for references for the most dependable and skilled candidates.


8. Purchase Necessary Cleaning Equipment

Certain companies believe in going with the preferences of the customers. They do not stock up heavily on their cleaning supplies and inventory. This decision is governed primarily by the choices and preferences of the customers they cater to. However, there will be a certain minimum amount of inventory that you will have to invest in including the cleaning tools and equipment and several kinds of cleaning solutions. You can choose these supplies based entirely upon their price range. Right from carpet cleaners and vacuum cleaners to the most user-friendly and organic cleaning solutions and sanitizers, the choice is going to depend entirely upon you and the quality of the cleaning service that you aim to deliver. This is the most critical investment that you will be making and as a result, it is going to determine your quality of service and your prices in the long run.


9. Purchase The Right Field Service Management Software

Now that you have your employees and equipment in order, an investment that you can never ignore is the right field service management platform. This is going to simplify all your operations and will make job allotment and completion a breeze. The right software platform is going to digitize and automate all your functions and operations. It is also going to keep all your technicians and professional cleaners and helpers in the loop so that all of them can stay connected with one another and can provide the customer with the most dependable and timely cleaning services. Your extensive paperwork will make way for digitized and easily disseminated documents. Your phone calls and emails will be discarded in the favor of customized notifications and instant pop-ups across the task list. Everything will be automated, and you will be able to keep a track of all the jobs listed and completed, technician and cleaner attendance, inventory, tools, work-in-progress, and a lot more on your smartphone.


10. Decide Upon Your Cleaning Services And Prices

The next step is to decide upon the range of cleaning services you are going to provide and the prices that you want to set for each of them. Fortunately, there is always an average that you can calculate based on the market trends. This information is rather easy to find, and the average cost is going to range somewhere between $25 per hour to $90 per hour. Remember that a typical homeowner from an upper-middle-class family will be more willing to spend the lower limit. However, if you are catering to multi-million-dollar mansions, the upper limit will be nothing but peanuts for them. Therefore, the price of your services is going to depend on the consumer base that you have targeted in your business plan. Similarly, the cost for commercial cleaning is going to differ drastically from that of residential cleaning. Commercial cleaning is much more advanced and requires the use of heavy-duty commercial cleaning equipment. When it comes to residential cleaning, it is simpler and faster to carry out in comparison to the former.


11. Focus On Your Marketing Efforts

You also have to think about a strong marketing strategy. It doesn’t matter whether your client base is huge or expanding. You have to market yourself as the undisputed leader. You must focus on creating your online presence to stay connected with your consumer base. If you already have a functional and responsive website, make sure that it is well optimized both from the perspective of SEO and visual aesthetics. The content that is updated on your website should be SEO-friendly and regularly edited and modified to keep your web pages relevant. Highlight all your positive client reviews on your landing page. Lure your first-time customers with huge cash-back offers and discounts. Video testimonials are also a great way to attract more customers because they are more convincing and entertaining as well.


12. Hire Necessary Help As Needed

It is all about fine-tuning your business and its operations to the market demand. You should be willing to hire more cleaning professionals as per the demand of your customers. It is OK to start by including one or two persons at a given point of time. You can always expand your teams as your business grows and flourishes. Do not be afraid of taking risks and make sure to choose the right people for the job who have profound ethics and solid recommendations.


13. Manage Your Finances Well

Do you know that you could lose more than 30% of your business revenue by not being diligent with your spending and income sources? Do not make the mistake of ignoring your finances and annual budget. Several entrepreneurs find themselves in hot water when they finally fail to keep a track of their finances. Identify who your loyal customers are. Make sure to cater to their needs as a priority so that you don’t lose returning business. Consider hiring the services of a dependable accountant who will be responsible for reporting only to you. This could help you a lot when trying to stay on top of your company’s finances.


14. Transportation And Logistics

This is going to be an essential aspect of your mobile cleaning business. Logistics and transportation are always crucial because it will be your responsibility to transport your cleaning professional to the cleaning site. Investing in the necessary vehicles or acquiring them on a contract basis will be your next step.


15. Stocking Up Regularly

Getting all the supplies and inventory to your warehouse or office premises will be your responsibility. You must have enough space to store them, and the necessary security and protection measures to prevent them from going bad. As pointed out earlier, equipment that is going to facilitate the cleaning processes should be bought early on. You will also have to maintain their upkeep and keep on repairing them whenever the need arises. Remember, just one vacuum cleaner down and it is going to disrupt your income flow for the entire week.


Summing It Up

In the end, no business today is complete without investing a significant amount of time, effort, and money in the most appropriate technology. The right field service management software is going to keep you functional and relevant for ages to come. Because they can be easily upgraded and provide your critical company data with water-tight security, you don’t have to sweat over their functioning and scaling capabilities. You just have to get in touch with the vendor and explain to them your requirements as you grow and expand your business. Leave the rest to the field service software development company. So, are you ready to start your own cleaning business?

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