About DragonFlySM

How many hours have you wasted on endless, repetitive administrative tasks? Whether it’s billing, collecting signatures, or tracking payments and tech support, these tasks may be the lifeline of your business, but they shouldn’t be taking up your life.

In the past, these frustrating tasks required multiple programs, large infrastructure, and oftentimes a large budget. They caused stress and anxiety, and even worse, occupied the time of your most valuable people, preventing them from working on the projects that mattered most.

After more than ten years providing custom automation solutions to Fortune 100 companies, we’ve assembled a global team of experts who are united in an obsessive commitment to create software that helps real people do real work.

DragonFlySM was designed to work alongside your current business model to transform it without having to fundamentally change it.

It gives you the ability to aggregate tasks, collect signatures and payments, effortlessly assign support, and handle billing from a single dashboard. Forget having to rearrange your business into an off-the-shelf software package, this software was singularly designed to relieve stress and make service businesses like yours healthier and happier places to work.

Like the mystical dragonfly, our software is both powerful and lightweight, capable of moving and changing direction with agility and precision. We want your business to take flight! If you want to find out how you can take advantage of Service Automation - connect with us today!

Who We Are
Why Dragonfly

Why Dragonfly?

The ability to consolidate day-to-day business processes into a single optimized workflow is a distant dream for most service businesses. For DragonFlySM, it’s our whole reason for existing.

Why waste time desperately searching for the crucial bit of scheduling information you scrawled on a Post-It, or frantically scrolling through emails to find the part number you just know the technician sent you last week? Stop trying to coordinate with multiple spreadsheets while your backlog of billing work just keeps piling up.

DragonFlySM was created just for service providers like you. And best of all: there’s no need to be tech savvy. Our software was built with intuitive menus and familiar tracking status updates so you can confidently move your business forward without wondering if anything is getting left behind.

So many daily tasks - like scheduling, inventory management, and billing - are not only stress-inducing, but also add massively to your running costs. They cause your business to be less efficient as they rack up valuable time that could and should be spent on billable work instead.

Forget the outdated concept that all these back-office tasks are “inevitable” – instead, let DragonFlySM help you organize and clearly communicate the progress of any given task. It’s easier than you think, a whole lot cheaper too.

Our Goals

Our Goals

To empower entrepreneurs with the confidence to take their not-so-small businesses to the next level without the stress and costs of hiring an outside team.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our easy-to-use, low-cost software is for small service providers who have big aspirations. We strive to streamline the complexities of everyday service management tasks into a single optimized workflow.